Odecom is a young energetic consulting company with a cooperative vision on consulting services. In our view you should be working with us to create a solution that:

o    fits your needs

o    is accepted by your organisation

o    is comprehended by the people that use it.

In our project approach, there is a great role for the client, both on a design level as on an operational level. This helps to reduce costs for the client, by keeping consultancy hours to a minimum, and it ensures a solid and thorough understanding of the application by the client. Building the application literally together will ensure all your requirements are met and there is a great level of acceptance of the application in the organisation.

Odecom strives to solve your problems with you, not for you. When we implement a software system, it is done so in constant dialogue and cooperation with the client. This way we can create a fertile ground for the success of the software that is implemented, and make sure the client really owns the system. This can only be done if the building process is a joint effort.